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Do you remember those old days when you used to play with Hologram Stickers which gave a 3D effect when viewed from different angles? These kind of stickers were given as a gift or as a free thing when you used to purchase any chocolates or chips. Stickers of these sorts were not only bright in color but they also displayed favorite heroes, favourite cartoon characters and much more. But, with the advancement in technologies these kind of 3D Hologram Stickers have been re-innovated and revolutionized to provide security features, henceforth protecting the product against forgery. We have an extensive manufacturing unit which have the capability to manufacture these kind of 3D Holographic Labels. These kind of stickers bring life to your products by making them look more shiny and gleaming.
Just when you think of those professional-looking, water-proof and tamper evident labels the first and foremost thing that comes to your mind is that annoying sticky glue. We have came across a solution for that which there is a tamper evident label that is self adhesive and pressure sensitive in nature. Being a customer-centric organization, we have an assortment of Self Adhesive Stickers to offer. And these Self Adhesive Stickers are holographic and are embedded with a variety of security features to protect your commodity against duplication. Our main objective to provide Self Adhesive Stickers is to increase the bond strength between the sticker and the surface on which it has been affixed.
In the early eighties, Hot-stamped Holograms for master credit card was the first high volume production. But, the main problem which was raised is how to register the Holographic Image accurately. Thus some sort of registration mark was necessary. Then, they came up with the idea of registration design Hot Stamping Hologram where the registration mark was added at the time of mastering.
Megha International provides a wide assortment of Holograms with high security features like micro texts, nano texts, complex images, logos and a multitude of other features. Our Holograms once affixed on debit cards or passports cannot be removed easily and along with that it warns people who try to forge that contain security features. Our High Security Holograms offer an individual identity to a brand along with its protection. Their quality till date remains unmatched and the durability of these highly secure holograms are extremely unattainable. These are available in three different colors. They are gold, silver and bronze.
Hologram Stickers / Labels are the exotic assortment used for various purposes and are designed using premium grade of components. With the assistance of modern printing techniques, these labels or stickers are appealing in appearance. Depending on their matchless qualities, the offered range is used in various industries for marking the information of the products. Our offered range is widely accepted due to its notable features including fascinating design, smooth finish, different colour patterns and waterproof surface.