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In the early eighties, Hot-stamped Holograms for master credit card was the first high volume production. But, the main problem which was raised is how to register the Holographic Image accurately. Thus some sort of registration mark was necessary. Then, they came up with the idea of registration design Hot Stamping Hologram where the registration mark was added at the time of mastering.
Just when you think of those professional-looking, water-proof and tamper evident labels the first and foremost thing that comes to your mind is that annoying sticky glue. We have came across a solution for that which there is a tamper evident label that is self adhesive and pressure sensitive in nature. Being a customer-centric organization, we have an assortment of Self Adhesive Stickers to offer. And these Self Adhesive Stickers are holographic and are embedded with a variety of security features to protect your commodity against duplication. Our main objective to provide Self Adhesive Stickers is to increase the bond strength between the sticker and the surface on which it has been affixed.
Honey Bees are the most gentle creatures which are too busy to worry about other animals. Storing honey is the only thing which honey bees do. Do you know how and where honey bees store honey, larva, or pollen? It’s inside honeycombs or beehives, that are made from the wax secreted by the bees. Beehives are hexagonal in structure and this structure are being applied in today’s technologies in order to provide security. This hexagonal structure is known as beehive patterns. These patterns are applied to our holographic stickers and renamed as Beehive Pattern Holograms. Main goal of our product range of Beehive Pattern Holograms is to provide exclusive protection against counterfeiting.
The main objective of our Holograms in sheet is brand protection and brand awareness. Sheet Form Hologram Labels are those which encompass registered images with the use of coherent laser light and present 3D information about a subject. Holograms in sheet form offers effective security against counterfeiting. Sheet Form Hologram Labels are also available in various forms like square, circular, oval, rounded, etc. These holograms are usually suitable for manual applications. They are basically used to check product or documents tampering and are highly required for brand protection of documents and other consumer products. Counterfeiting, imitation and duplicity could be easily overcame by the use of these holograms.
Raise your product’s security with the most reliable security solutions offered by Matrix Technologies. The High Security Hologram Stickers provided by us have a maximum resolution of 10mm per optical element. They are produced using specialized machines which makes forgery difficult and expensive. The main objective of providing High Security Hologram Stickers is to provide security against counterfeiters and also security holograms with high security aids in brand promotion.
The main objective of Registration Design Holograms with multi-colour is to make product look bolder and protect them against duplication. Hot Stamping Holograms which have registration marks on a single holographic image are known as registration design hot stamping foils. Registration marks are traced using automatic hot stamping machines. Logo of the hologram will be transferred on to paper and PVC card by the process of hot stamping. This Hot Stamping Hologram is developed with very special coatings which aids in giving an excellent brightness after they are transferred on paper.
Megha International is a well-acclaimed name in the domain of Security Holograms because not only are they tamper evident but they also offer high security. This is one of the most cost effective solutions which provides protection against duplicity and offer exclusive brand protection. Security Holograms provide manufacturers and customers with the highest level security for products, packaging, and documents. Various applications in which these Security Holograms are used are GID cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, vouchers and other related products.
Looking for ideas to seal the containers of food, water bottles or any other pharmaceutical products with highly secure feature? Megha International deals in one product which is known as Hologram Seals. These Holographic Seals are both environmental friendly and very useful to protect products from duplicity. Our main objective of providing this product is to promote and protect brands. Also, known as holographic wads, they find major application in consumer-packaged goods. Hologram Seals offer unique authentication with the help of multiple security features.
Technology is playing a major role in the world we live today. We can assume that there is not even a single field which is not dependent on technology. Among all the fields which are highly influenced by technology, Holography can be considered as one of the crucial advancements in technology. More than 1 million companies around the globe has recognized the importance of Holography. Innovations in the field of holography has transformed the business of many organizations and dependence on Holograms for their security issues. Our main objective of providing holograms is to provide security against counterfeiters and also Security Holograms with high security aids in brand promotion. The High Security Holograms provided by us have a maximum resolution of 10 mm per optical element. They are produced using specialized machines which makes forgery difficult and expensive. Raise your product’s security with the best security solutions offered by Matrix Technologies.