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Matrix Technologies offers 2D or 3D Hologram Masters which are developed in 2D or 3D master shooting lab that incorporates highly sensitive machines and advanced equipments like microprocessor-controlled automatic positioning equipment, optical table, he-cd laser, laser power controller, silver coatings and, other related technologies. The final master obtained from 2D or 3D mastering is used to manufacture 2Dor 3D Hologram Stickers. These stickers comprise of a multitude of two-dimensional layers with images placed on behind the other thereby offering excellent depth. These stickers are colorful images with 3D depth between different layers.
Thinking of stickers, the first thing which comes to our mind is our school books where we used to write our name, school name, class name and other information. These stickers used to attract children, specially those Custom Made Stickers with a lot of cartoon characters, cricket players on them. Stickers reverberates with everyone by making them feel extremely happy. Now the days have changed and stickers are being used for marketing purposes. Marketing your brand with stickers works wonders. Security is what people ask for. Imagine that those Custom Made Stickers providing high security to your products and promoting your products in their own way without an extra effort. This is all about the new generation of marketing demands and which is what we are going to offer. They are known as Custom Hologram Stickers which improve the identity of your products and makes them look absolutely beautiful.
Four Layer Laminates, we are pioneers in manufacturing 4 layer laminates, this is unique packaging technology, which has combination of 4 layers and make the pouch look unique and standard
Manufacturer and Suppliers Silver Color Hologram Known as a multi channel 3D Hologram (up to 5-6 layers), Silver Color Hologram involves required data of an organization. The pictures develop out a high intelligent picture and can be seen through different points. The eco neighborly nature of this 3D Hologram image makes it profoundly esteemed among our customers and is accessible in different shapes and sizes. It keeps the forging of the items and furthermore helps in advancement of brands.