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Colors are everywhere, from natural things to artificial things. Each and every thing is made up of millions of color compositions. Colors beautify the things. When it comes to image-rich books and stickers appear much bolder and more vivid since the images are of higher-resolution. Using these colors we can even provide security to our products, documents and other commodities. Therefore we offer you a wide array of Holograms which have a multitude of colors and security features. These kind of holograms are known as Multi-color Holograms. Multi-color Holograms are formed by reconstructing multicolor wavefronts. Different colored wavefronts from separate illuminating sources are combined and the resultant beam is split into reference beam and object beam. These two beams are then interfered and exposed to photographic medium to generate Holograms with multicolor. They are available in a wide range colors like silver, golden, copper, navy blue, green, turquoise, neon red, transparent, and many more.
Holograms with numbers are also known as continuous laser numbering holograms. They consist of serial numbers or any other kind of information or data like batch no., serial number, etc. This can be easily used to track and trace inventory of the product. Holograms can also be engraved with alpha numeric digits, which adds additional security. Holograms are extensively used in the field of advertising, decoration, security purposes and, protection. They include a lot of technical and artistic effects thereby making duplication of holograms highly impossible.
True Color Hologram Masters can be produced using 2D/3D master shooting system. The final master obtained from this mastering technique comprises of true photographic images like images of people, animals, flags, etc. These type of True Color Hologram Masters can’t be duplicated if in case they can’t obtain the original photo. True Color Holograms are one of the best ways to prevent counterfeiters from duplicating.
E-beam Hologram Mastering is a method of synthesizing micro texts using an electronic beam. In this process of mastering, images or text can be hidden. The hidden texts or images are not visible to naked eye. Laser pointer or an encryption reader must be used to see the hidden texts. The resolution of e-beams are much higher than the resolution of optical recording systems. Holograms obtained from e-beam mastering techniques are high in resolution and consists of various security features like concealed images, micro-texts, nano-texts and many more. We offer a wide array of E-beam Holograms which are manufactured using powerful electron beams.
Kinetic movement Hologram Masters can be obtained both by 2D/3D and dot-matrix type hologram mastering techniques. Kinetic effect Holograms are composed of minimum 3 viewing angles in a sequence. Holograms with kinetic effects display uncommon twinkling effects of color separation. Comprised of HD graphical elements and animation they display kinetic movement in the images.
Instant Hologram Stickers are the ready made holograms which are always available at factory premises. We have the ability to supply any number of Holograms depending on the demands from the customers. Instant Hologram Stickers are those stickers which consists of a general design and consists of words such as ‘original’, ‘authentic’, ‘valid’, ‘genuine’ and many others. They are available in various colors like silver, gold, blue, red, yellow, brown, etc. These Hologram Stickers are easy to apply and can be affixed on any kind of surface or substrate. They are tamper evident by nature
Matrix Technologies is one of the paramount suppliers, manufacturers, and, exporters of Holograms. We specialise in delivering security solutions for clients by securing their catastrophes caused by deceit and duplicity. We cater to different audiences by understanding the business requirements of clients using a wide array of holographic products such as Hologram Labels and Hologram Stickers.
Dot Matrix Hologram Mastering is a technique used to create Dot Matrix Holograms. Our Hologram Masters are generated by using a dot-matrix master shooting machine having an approximate resolution of 2400 DPI, He-CD laser, programmable controller, accurate platform, optics bridge and, other computer operated programs. The final Hologram Masters can be used to generate dot matrix holographic stickers. These kind of labels are made up of an array of smaller dots, where each dot represents a separate hologram
Nowadays, Hologram Labels can be seen in each and every sector of businesses. If you have used products like mobile batteries, pouches, credit cards, debit cards, certificates of degree or other documents which contains confidential information, you might have seen some stickers affixed on them which give various effects when viewed from different angles. These are the Holographic Stickers used to protect documents or cards from duplication. More often, Holograms are used for brand protection and consumer packaging.