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Nowadays, people look to affix their products with more brighter and colorful Paper Labels in order to show their marketing strengths. Many of them have forgot the principal use of Paper Labels. Primary purpose of Paper Labels is to promote the products and advertise brands by adding high visibility and protection. There are various types of Paper Labels and stickers manufactured by many companies. Hologram Paper Labels is one among them. Holographic Paper Labels are used to raise brand awareness. We can customize according to product requirements such as size, color, shape and material used. We are expert in offering durable, customized, moisture resistant, eye-catchy, smooth finished Paper Label with holograms of top-notch quality.
Matrix Technologies has been manufacturing promotional Hologram Labels for marketing and advertising purposes for over 20 years. Through a lot of R& D, we have understood the importance of high visibility, attention grabbing and eye-catchy promotional products. For which purpose we offer promotional Hologram Labels in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and, dimensions. Stickers are really great to use. With the increase in the demand for advertising, the stickers have become a promotional tool. Companies which use stickers for promotional purposes also takes security parameters like sticker should be water and weather resistant, UV coated and, many other parameters for added protection. At, Matrix Technologies we manufacture such kind of Hologram Labels which give an amazing look to the product and make the product self promotional.
Matrix Technologies is one of the paramount suppliers, manufacturers, and, exporters of Holograms. We specialise in delivering security solutions for clients by securing their catastrophes caused by deceit and duplicity. We cater to different audiences by understanding the business requirements of clients using a wide array of holographic products such as Hologram Labels and Hologram Stickers.
Dot Matrix Hologram Mastering is a technique used to create Dot Matrix Holograms. Our Hologram Masters are generated by using a dot-matrix master shooting machine having an approximate resolution of 2400 DPI, He-CD laser, programmable controller, accurate platform, optics bridge and, other computer operated programs. The final Hologram Masters can be used to generate dot matrix holographic stickers. These kind of labels are made up of an array of smaller dots, where each dot represents a separate hologram
Nowadays, Hologram Labels can be seen in each and every sector of businesses. If you have used products like mobile batteries, pouches, credit cards, debit cards, certificates of degree or other documents which contains confidential information, you might have seen some stickers affixed on them which give various effects when viewed from different angles. These are the Holographic Stickers used to protect documents or cards from duplication. More often, Holograms are used for brand protection and consumer packaging.
Do you remember those old days when you used to play with Hologram Stickers which gave a 3D effect when viewed from different angles? These kind of stickers were given as a gift or as a free thing when you used to purchase any chocolates or chips. Stickers of these sorts were not only bright in color but they also displayed favorite heroes, favourite cartoon characters and much more. But, with the advancement in technologies these kind of 3D Hologram Stickers have been re-innovated and revolutionized to provide security features, henceforth protecting the product against forgery. We have an extensive manufacturing unit which have the capability to manufacture these kind of 3D Holographic Labels. These kind of stickers bring life to your products by making them look more shiny and gleaming.
Just when you think of those professional-looking, water-proof and tamper evident labels the first and foremost thing that comes to your mind is that annoying sticky glue. We have came across a solution for that which there is a tamper evident label that is self adhesive and pressure sensitive in nature. Being a customer-centric organization, we have an assortment of Self Adhesive Stickers to offer. And these Self Adhesive Stickers are holographic and are embedded with a variety of security features to protect your commodity against duplication. Our main objective to provide Self Adhesive Stickers is to increase the bond strength between the sticker and the surface on which it has been affixed.
The main objective of our Holograms in sheet is brand protection and brand awareness. Sheet Form Hologram Labels are those which encompass registered images with the use of coherent laser light and present 3D information about a subject. Holograms in sheet form offers effective security against counterfeiting. Sheet Form Hologram Labels are also available in various forms like square, circular, oval, rounded, etc. These holograms are usually suitable for manual applications. They are basically used to check product or documents tampering and are highly required for brand protection of documents and other consumer products. Counterfeiting, imitation and duplicity could be easily overcame by the use of these holograms.
Honey Bees are the most gentle creatures which are too busy to worry about other animals. Storing honey is the only thing which honey bees do. Do you know how and where honey bees store honey, larva, or pollen? It’s inside honeycombs or beehives, that are made from the wax secreted by the bees. Beehives are hexagonal in structure and this structure are being applied in today’s technologies in order to provide security. This hexagonal structure is known as beehive patterns. These patterns are applied to our holographic stickers and renamed as Beehive Pattern Holograms. Main goal of our product range of Beehive Pattern Holograms is to provide exclusive protection against counterfeiting.