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Raise your product’s security with the most reliable security solutions offered by Matrix Technologies. The High Security Hologram Stickers provided by us have a maximum resolution of 10mm per optical element. They are produced using specialized machines which makes forgery difficult and expensive. The main objective of providing High Security Hologram Stickers is to provide security against counterfeiters and also security holograms with high security aids in brand promotion.
E-beam Hologram Mastering is a method of synthesizing micro texts using an electronic beam. In this process of mastering, images or text can be hidden. The hidden texts or images are not visible to naked eye. Laser pointer or an encryption reader must be used to see the hidden texts. The resolution of e-beams are much higher than the resolution of optical recording systems. Holograms obtained from e-beam mastering techniques are high in resolution and consists of various security features like concealed images, micro-texts, nano-texts and many more. We offer a wide array of E-beam Holograms which are manufactured using powerful electron beams.
Matrix Technologies offers 2D or 3D Hologram Masters which are developed in 2D or 3D master shooting lab that incorporates highly sensitive machines and advanced equipments like microprocessor-controlled automatic positioning equipment, optical table, he-cd laser, laser power controller, silver coatings and, other related technologies. The final master obtained from 2D or 3D mastering is used to manufacture 2Dor 3D Hologram Stickers. These stickers comprise of a multitude of two-dimensional layers with images placed on behind the other thereby offering excellent depth. These stickers are colorful images with 3D depth between different layers.
Matrix Technologies has been manufacturing promotional Hologram Labels for marketing and advertising purposes for over 20 years. Through a lot of R& D, we have understood the importance of high visibility, attention grabbing and eye-catchy promotional products. For which purpose we offer promotional Hologram Labels in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and, dimensions. Stickers are really great to use. With the increase in the demand for advertising, the stickers have become a promotional tool. Companies which use stickers for promotional purposes also takes security parameters like sticker should be water and weather resistant, UV coated and, many other parameters for added protection. At, Matrix Technologies we manufacture such kind of Hologram Labels which give an amazing look to the product and make the product self promotional.
Holograms with numbers are also known as continuous laser numbering holograms. They consist of serial numbers or any other kind of information or data like batch no., serial number, etc. This can be easily used to track and trace inventory of the product. Holograms can also be engraved with alpha numeric digits, which adds additional security. Holograms are extensively used in the field of advertising, decoration, security purposes and, protection. They include a lot of technical and artistic effects thereby making duplication of holograms highly impossible.
Nowadays, people look to affix their products with more brighter and colorful Paper Labels in order to show their marketing strengths. Many of them have forgot the principal use of Paper Labels. Primary purpose of Paper Labels is to promote the products and advertise brands by adding high visibility and protection. There are various types of Paper Labels and stickers manufactured by many companies. Hologram Paper Labels is one among them. Holographic Paper Labels are used to raise brand awareness. We can customize according to product requirements such as size, color, shape and material used. We are expert in offering durable, customized, moisture resistant, eye-catchy, smooth finished Paper Label with holograms of top-notch quality.
Thinking of stickers, the first thing which comes to our mind is our school books where we used to write our name, school name, class name and other information. These stickers used to attract children, specially those Custom Made Stickers with a lot of cartoon characters, cricket players on them. Stickers reverberates with everyone by making them feel extremely happy. Now the days have changed and stickers are being used for marketing purposes. Marketing your brand with stickers works wonders. Security is what people ask for. Imagine that those Custom Made Stickers providing high security to your products and promoting your products in their own way without an extra effort. This is all about the new generation of marketing demands and which is what we are going to offer. They are known as Custom Hologram Stickers which improve the identity of your products and makes them look absolutely beautiful.
Colors are everywhere, from natural things to artificial things. Each and every thing is made up of millions of color compositions. Colors beautify the things. When it comes to image-rich books and stickers appear much bolder and more vivid since the images are of higher-resolution. Using these colors we can even provide security to our products, documents and other commodities. Therefore we offer you a wide array of Holograms which have a multitude of colors and security features. These kind of holograms are known as Multi-color Holograms. Multi-color Holograms are formed by reconstructing multicolor wavefronts. Different colored wavefronts from separate illuminating sources are combined and the resultant beam is split into reference beam and object beam. These two beams are then interfered and exposed to photographic medium to generate Holograms with multicolor. They are available in a wide range colors like silver, golden, copper, navy blue, green, turquoise, neon red, transparent, and many more.
Hologram Rolls or Roll Form Stickers comprise of 3D images which display seven colors when viewed through different angles under conventional light. They are developed using laser or electron beam technology. These holograms can be supplied in various forms like tamper proof stickers, holographic shrink sleeves, hot stamping foils, etc. Roll Form Stickers are embedded with maximum visual elements and security features. These kind of Roll Form Stickers are of high resolution and offer an excellent depth and thereby giving an aesthetic look to the holograms. Being comprised of special features, they help in enhancing the security levels..