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In the early eighties, Hot-stamped Holograms for master credit card was the first high volume production. But, the main problem which was raised is how to register the Holographic Image accurately. Thus some sort of registration mark was necessary. Then, they came up with the idea of registration design Hot Stamping Hologram where the registration mark was added at the time of mastering.

We also Holographic Coupons manufacturers and we are the leader in this field. i t was popularized in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets containing Lorem Ipsum passages, and more recently with desktop publishing software like Aldus PageMaker including versions of Lorem Ipsum.

Holograms with numbers are also known as continuous Laser Numbering Holograms. They consist of serial numbers or any other kind of information or data like batch no., serial number, etc. Our Laser Numbering Holograms can be easily used to track and trace inventory of the product. Holograms can also be engraved with alpha numeric digits, which adds additional security. By means of laser engraving, each Holographic Sticker can be numbered with individual numbers so as to solve tasks on ensuring control of application of holographic security elements.

A lot of instances exist when people just jump on to start their business without any plans. Then after, they suffer a lot by losing money without any knowledge of the market and the value of money. Some of them even copy products, and move on to duplicate other’s products. For such instances, we provide High Security Holograms. Is there any other way which prevents the counterfeiters to duplicate the products?. The most reliable and cost effective way to prevent your products against duplication is by affixing your products with High Security Holograms.

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Four Layer Laminates, we are pioneers in manufacturing 4 layer laminates, this is unique packaging technology, which has combination of 4 layers and make the pouch look unique and standard

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Flexible Laminated Pouches, we are manufacturer of various types of packaging pouches

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Centre Seal Pouches, we produce various types of multi coloured centre seal pouches for various type of packaging purpose

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Manufacturer of 3d Holograms, can be supplied in any shape and size, minimum 10 mm x 10 mm., maximum 150 mm x 150 mm

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We provide High Security Hologram at very affordable prices

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Agarbathi Packaging Pouches, we produce various type of packaging pouch solution for agarbathi, upto 8 colour printing facility available